It starts with "Why"

The chocolate in your  hand, your cup or your plate has a story. Please enjoy while we tell it to you.


We enjoy telling the story of how Thai cacao has arrived to its current point; we have never enjoyed telling the story of how we became a specialty chocolate maker than now. When we were lawyers, we were lucky if we could even find a story to tell a friend without breaching lawyer client privileges. Or our friends on the table just lost the blood on the face knowing this Friday night party he would drink wine with a lawyer. 


Right now the foundation of our story is clear no matter who tells it. We create the culture of chocolate and are dedicated to Thai cacao. 



We are not pastry chef nor chocolatiers. We are lawyers who happen to make chocolate. We use fine chocolate as a canvas conduit or a chocolate color to paint the story about Thai fine cacao. We want to see Thai cacao change from bulk to specialty. Our branded chocolate and our design reflects our backstory. Our cacao beans through the entire ecosystem will elevate the level of Thai cacao and raise its awareness. Any fine chef, true culinary, or chocolatier will have the chance to work with our fine cacao. Come check out at our showroom and let your imagination run wild.

We want to see the transparency in the young Thai cacao industry.” There is no secret box as such. Good chocolate makes anything good. We help grow and source Thai specialty cacao. Our team of makers and chef can make great chocolate drinks and pastries! We don't need to be judged for that. Visit our store and taste them yourself!

Anthony Bourdain said: “Open Your Mind, Get Up off the couch and move.”


Why Chiangmai?


We stuck too long at the office desks. 


So we decided to travel to the North on two wheels. It did open our mind like Anthony said. Not long, we fell for the charm of Chiangmai that we wanted to settle down there. We bought a plot of land in the mountain as opposed to the city of Chiangmai – Doi Saket.  2 wooden rice barns that you sit in at the store and the factory were what we originally planned to build a house in Chiangmai.


Cacao Problem!


Why name it Kad or a market?


We wanted to grow cacao at the land. But when we asked to buy cacao trees from a professor family in Chiangmai, we were prohibited from starting our chocolate making in many ways. We were looked down by them that if we want go buy their cacao sapling, we must first learn how to dig the hole before they would sell us the seedlings. Or we grow the trees for them and sell the cacao pods to them at their desired price. But we said, we wanted to try and to make our own chocolate, they said then that we have to buy their franchise to use their brand – the franchising and branding scheme was sent from the professor who manifested to be academic and promoting Thai cacao! It was the feeling of being looked down and the blocking others the chance to make start their own chocolate making! We were blocked from creating a healthy market for cacao and chocolate.


Same problem as Thai cacao that was looked down and bought by industrial buyers as bulk cacao. The practice of blocking others and the slavery contract situation are still prevalent today in the young specialty cacao industry in Thailand. These buyers do not want to have a market. They want to be the only buyer who can dictate the price to the cacao producers based on the misleading information about the price, the size of demand for Thai cacao. Thai cacao producers have no chance to evaluate the true fact and make decisions based on the falsehoods. 




Luckily, we found MTT Farm as we were turned away by the big Chiangmai cacao franchisor. 


MTT Farm was founded by late Mr. Muangkaew Chaisuriya - the director of Doi Wawee Highland Agriculture Experimental Station under the Department of Agriculture (DoA). Mr. Chaisuriya worked closely with Chumphon Hortricultural Center of the DoA (“CHC”) to plant coffee and cacao in Thailand. He is the true academic who believed that cacao can be a feasible agricultural product for growers in Thailand if it is produced properly with quality. The cacao producers would benefit from the quality cacao that they can sell. As an official, Mr. Chaisuriya took time to study and obtain the saplings of Chumphon variety from CHC to plant them in Chiangmai in his own land - MTT Farm together with coffee. He tried to convince the growers while giving the seedlings of Chumphon Variety of his belief. He passed away a few years ago and left his son to continue with MTT Farm. 


It took us 2 years until today to gain the trust of MTT Farm after we met Khun Muangkaew’s son – Khun Teerapol and learned about his father’s legacy and dream which inspired us to help continuing the true Thai cacao dream. we committed to buy all cacao produced by MTT Farm and their association (provided the quality is met). That was before we opened our store. We did not even know if we could sell our chocolate!  We didn’t care because the legacy the dream that we had a chance to reweave is inspiring and satisfactory. Our mission of making fine chocolate from Thai cacao especially from a farm in Chiangmai started then. We thus named our chocolate company Kad Kokoa. It’s the northern dialect meaning of a market. 


Kad Kokoa - We create a market for Thai Cacao Producers who work with us.

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