Welcome to the Culture of Thai Chocolate

2019 Bronze Award winner at International Chocolate Awards

Asia Pacific, Taiwan PRC

We capture the bright side, more floral and tropical fruity flavour of Thai cacao. We directly buy cacao beans from the farmers we trust and craft the chocolate to showcase the purest expression of Thai cacao origin’s unique character.

Promoting the come back of Thai cacao sustainably and responsibly.

The only USDA Organic Coffee from

a cacao farm in Chiangmai

The taste of our chocolate comes from the unique terroir where the cacao is grown. We use only pure cacao nibs and organic sugar (2 ingredients) as we want our chocolateto express the true flavor and characters of its terroir -Thailand. 

We enjoy telling the story of how thai cacao has arrived to its current point; we have never enjoyed telling the story of how we became a specialty chocolate maker than now. When we were lawyers, we were lucky if we could even find a story to tell a friend without breaching lawyer client privileges. Or our friends on the table just lost the blood on the face knowing this Friday night party he would drink wine with a lawyer. 


Right now the foundation of our story is clear no matter who tells it. We create the culture of chocolate and are dedicated to Thai cacao. 



We are not pastry chef nor chocolatiers. We are lawyers who happen to make chocolate. We use fine chocolate as a canvas conduit or a chocolate color to paint the story about Thai fine cacao. We want to see Thai cacao change from bulk to specialty. Our branded chocolate and our design reflects our backstory. Our cacao beans through the entire ecosystem will elevate the level of Thai cacao and raise its awareness. Any fine chef, true culinary, or chocolatier will have the chance to work with our fine cacao. Come check out at our showroom and let your imagination run wild.

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Specialty Coffee

Mae Tang, Chiang mai

choose unique US FDA organic coffee grown in the same cacao farm. 

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Kad Kokoa Thai Craft Chocolate

083 684 3921

1076, Naradhiwas 17, Thung Maha Mek, Sathorn