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Creating a new culture of Thai craft chocolate business

อัพเดตเมื่อ: 29 ม.ค. 2019

We've shared how we have started this #journey!

All you need is the passion and time

You can manage your #passion and #time. It is called #diversification. Share us what your passion and diversification are!

People talk about diversification of your #investment, the return on your investment and the quality of life. I think it is great if you can combine them together. Diversify your time and your energy as well as money can be rewarding. I have a lot in my bucket list. I didn’t want to wait until the official retirement age and start down the list. One never knows it is too late. It’s a cliche, we all heard the story that you die before you have a chance to spend the money you have been working for. It’s also selfish if you die of hardworking especially as a lawyer, and your family members are deprived of opportunity to enjoy the life with you. 

I took my wife on the back of my #BMW #Motorad around the Northern parts of #Thailand for about a year. We finally settled and bought a land in Mae On, #Chiangmai. We grew from there the #cacao and the knowledge and the new #culture of #craft #chocolate or bean to bar. More on the business later.

We built the farm, we started learning how to make chocolate. But we discover a new culture that changed our lives. It’s not the average or industrial chocolate we were used to eat. What inspired us is essentially the craft and bean to bar chocolate culture we have seen and experienced from the America, France and UK. The makers we have met including Dandelion, Parliament, Letterpress, Raaka, Marou, Chapon, Manoa, Madre and many more have made us feel that these are what they do and what they eat – a culture. We liked to join and believe many like us would love this kind of culture (and never look back for the “Average” chocolates and tastes that can be found in any supermarket). We are inspired to help making the culture of bean to bar chocolate and especially using Thai single origin cacao in making fine chocolates in its growing country. Many Thai fans (but not all) have known through us that Thai cacao have complex fruity, flowery, beautiful taste and aroma. Gone for them will be the average chocolate that flavor is mild or straightforwardly bold like blended industrial chocolate.

If you like to taste and know what people in this culture eat, please find out at Kad Kokoa. Try our bars and many other world class chocolates here.

Check out next post when we discuss how we started this Thai #beantobar chocolate business.

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